Scales of the Golden Dragon

A small metroidvania about collecting the scales of dragons to become more powerful and get revenge.
Made in Godot Engine 4.2 for GameOff 2023 in a month.

This game's source code is available here.
It's MIT licensed, so feel free to use any part of it in your own games ✨


WASD - Movement, press S to fall through a one-way platform
Space - Jump, hold in mid-air to glide
H - Heal (hold)
J - Dash
K - Attack
L - Grapple
M - Show/ hide map

These abilities must be unlocked by collecting dragon scales, and a lot of them require energy gained by gliding.


Mikoolec - Tilesets, item art, game design, most of level design
Eshera - Enemy/ creature/ character and dragon art
TrashBoat - Parallax background art
Kel - Concept art
ClairdeLou - Music and sound effects
The_Elementus - Sound effects
Nivekj - Game design and production, level design
AleX - Enemy AI and additional programming
Alghost - Game development, VFX, boss AI
Granz - Story and dialogue
Mary Greenapple - Game idea and art/ animation feedback


Bat sprite by bagzie
Animated mushroom monster (pixel art) by ScratchIO
Explosions by helpcomputer under CC-BY 3.0 (cropped)


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seems like it will be a really fun game. I hit some issues though

- in the room where you first have to hit spikes to get higher, I exited the top right and it just clipped me out of the world. I started falling in empty space and couldn’t get back, had to restart the whole game . Isn’t this where the exit is anyways though?

- in the same room, I tried exiting top left and it clipped me into the left room. It took 10 seconds before I could leave